Care – Sleeper

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Since our business is not a corporation and we do not support the concept of mass production, we are able to provide a superb quality control, create unique handmade embroidery with silk threads, and also, on a personal request, create custom-made garments.

We are proud that you can turn your pajamas inside out and see that they are immaculate and beautiful inside as well as outside. It’s our true belief that inside of the garment (seams and everything else) no one sees must be of high quality and just as perfectly beautiful as the appearance of the items.
We take a great pride in our production. We’ve done everything to sew your leisure clothes in a beautiful place, and with the best equipment, and by the professionals known for their impeccable craftsmanship.
We rebuffed the idea of mass production at the very beginning because we really wanted to achieve the highest quality possible. Therefore, the production of clothes is carried out individually and takes 8-12 hours.