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Sleeper Baked Milk Linen Petit Dress
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This isn’t a mistake—that bride wearing a silk pajama set isn’t sleepwalking up the aisle. In fact has become a reality for many style-conscious women, thanks to a new collection of beautiful, bridal sleepwear from the cofounders of luxury pj’s label Sleeper.

Think easy-to-wear linen frocks, silky slip dresses and pyjama sets that can truly be worn both in and out of your bedroom.

Sleeper, a luxury fashion startup, wants us to stop feeling shame about our everyday-pajama-wearing and just embrace it. 

What I love most, though, is the oversize fit, which creates a perfect billowy shape that happens to complement Birkenstock. So, yes, a dress that you can literally wake up and run out the door in does exist.

Pyjamas as daywear sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Especially when the pieces come from Sleeper, a new-ish Ukrainian brand dedicated to ‘dresses designed to chill’.

If you’re looking for a pair of pajamas (I prefer to call them a soft sleep suit) that could take you from bed to work without changing your clothes and still looking/feeling cool, Sleeper has you covered.

While Sleeper doesn’t brand itself as a Ukrainian label, it is one of the most successful labels to come out of the country.

Sleeper, one of our favorite destinations for PJs that are way too pretty to just wear to bed.

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