Zephyr Pink Silk Loungewear Dress – Sleeper

Zephyr Pink Silk Loungewear Dress


Our signature loungewear dress, but in a new 100% silk version, accompanied by a matching silk hairband. We won’t waste our leftover fabric, instead, we use it to create accessories, like hairbands and bags to ensure that we are reducing textile waste.

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Classic Sleeper model is the present you would like to receive and give to the people you love. It is ideal for both sleeping and entertaining your guests at home. For those who love the slim-waist silhouette, we decided to show how this model looks with a belt.
The dress can be worn either with heels or combat boots. It has 100% mother of pearl buttons. The hem of the dress is adorned with ruffles. Neck and cuffs are fringed with a soft elastic band matching the color of the dress.

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