“This is not a bag” in Paper White – Sleeper
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“This is not a bag” in Paper White

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Reimagine your handbag! Inspired by Furoshiki Japanese technique of knotting bags, this bag will become your new best friend.

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This spacious 100% linen bag is ideal for going to the beach or to the pool, or even to use as an overnight or weekend bag. When untied, the bag transforms into a spread for a beach or cloth for having a picnic on. The knot design of this roomy bag makes its size а no-sweat to carry.

The laid back feel allows you to go with ease from your lunch date to your girls’ seaside gathering. Great for casual days and weekends, this bag with its sleek yet roomy design works for both poolside and tableside. Also, isn’t the idea of carrying around such a multipurpose item just riveting? Yet another reason to love this bag.

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