“Sizeless” Pajama Set with Pants in White Stripes – Sleeper

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“Sizeless” Pajama Set with Pants in White Stripes

285.00 $

One-size-fits-all elegant pajamas are made from 100% Eco-rayon and come with a hair ribbon. The set is created for sound sleep, unrestricted movements, and expressing your love of freedom.


Oversized pajama set is made from 100% Eco-rayon, biodegradable bamboo-based breathable silky material. The set includes a hair ribbon made from the offcuts of fabric because using the materials rationally is very important to us. One-size-fits-all PJ will fit any body type and with its simple cut, you will not even feel it on your body during your sleep or maybe even dance since this model was created not just for staying at home but for going out as well. You can combine pajama pants with your favorite tops while the shirt will go well with your favorite jeans by tying the knot on the side, or wear it with your favorite oversize jackets to create a truly memorable fashion statement.

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