Sheep Couple Ornament Set (set of 2) – Sleeper

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Sheep Couple Ornament Set (set of 2)

60.00 $

Christmas tree set that would make your Christmas tree truly magical

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Felt-making is a prehistoric technology. For millenniums, such work didn’t require a needle or any tool beyond human hands: One simply took wool, added moisture and sometimes whey and applied repeated downward pressure until the material was densely interlocked. Felt was (and is) a sartorial staple of the Central Asian steppes, essential for warmth. The technique of needle-punching, which eliminated the need for moisture, was introduced in the mid-19th century, as part of the Industrial Revolution in Germany and England, where barbed needles lined enormous factory looms. Handmade by a Kyiv based artist Lyudmila Posternak.

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