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Opera Silk Dress in Pearl White

390.00 $

All your childhood fantasies come to life. The Opera dress is a natural beauty, with a natural waistline, tapered puff sleeves, and a versatile neckline that allows for voluminous shoulders or a stunning draped effect.

Size XS
Stock item


The Opera dress is made in a free cut, embellished with delicate lace inserts that add sensuality. The puff-sleeves of the dress are tapered at the hem and trimmed with ruffles at the wrist which keep their shape and enhance the airiness of the outfit.

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Size chart

XS0-26344230 - 31⅘76 - 8123⅕ - 24⅘59- 6333 - 34⅔84- 8843⅓11030⅓78
S4-68364432⅓ - 34¼82-8724⅘ - 26⅖63-6735⅖-37⅘90-964411230⅓78
M8-1010384635-3789-9427½ - 30⅔70-7837⅘ - 40⅕96-10244⅓11430⅓78
L1212404838⅔ - 40⅕98-10232⅓ - 33⅘82-8640⅕ - 42½102-10845⅔11631½80
XL1414425041¾ - 43⅓106-11034⅔ - 3788-9443⅓ - 44110-11246⅖11831½80

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