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Linen Petit Dress Dress in Lavender

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Dress your mini-me in our classic Sleeper Loungewear dress. Perfect for playing, dancing, and enjoying all the moments in between.

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A handcrafted dress made of 100% linen. The length of the sleeves is regulated by elastic bands. This classic loungewear dress is both chic and comfortable, making it perfect for any occasion.

Size chart

12Y-4Y2Y-4Y2Y-4Y2Y-4Y3'-3'6 ft92-11020⅘5313¾35
25Y-8Y5Y-8Y5Y-8Y5Y-8Y3'6-4'3 ft110-13426¾681743
39Y-12Y9Y-12Y9Y-12Y9Y-12Y4'3-4'9 ft134-15235⅘911846
412Y-15Y12Y-15Y12Y-15Y12Y-15Y4'9-5'3 ft152-16440⅕1021948,5