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French Kiss Dress in Black

250.00 $ 50.00 $

Short, sharp and chic, our French Kiss mini dress with feathers in black is our cutest dress yet. Slip it on as a cocktail party dress or as chic nightwear between the sheets, it is all about endless wearability.

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Slip on this sultry and sophisticated black mini and embrace high hemlines with ease. Our short and sharp French Kiss dress features our signature trimmings and a flirty silhouette, making it the perfect number for wearing between the sheets or to a date night with your loved one.


Size chart

SIZEBustWaistHipsSide Length
XS0-26344230¾ - 32⅓78-8224⅖ - 2662-6634⅔ - 36⅕88-9221¼54
S4-68364433⅘ - 3786-9428⅓ - 30¾72-7838⅗ - 40⅑98-10221⅔55
M8-1010384637 - 38⅗94-9830¾ - 32⅓78-8240⅑ - 41¾ 102-1062256
L1212404838⅗ - 40⅕98-10232⅓ - 33 ⅘82-8641⅘ - 42½106-10822⅖57
XL1414425041⅘ - 43⅓106-11035⅖ - 3790-9444 - 45⅔112-11622⅘58

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