Coal Black “Bambola” Mini Bag – Sleeper

Coal Black “Bambola” Mini Bag


Reimagine your handbag! Inspired by Furoshiki Japanese technique of knotting bags, this bag will become your new best friend.

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Great for casual days and weekends, it can be an ideal evening look as well. Your handbag lineup should always feel like a sold out show; the coal black mini bag is your headliner. We all know that black never goes out of style. Our Coal Black mini bag will pair perfectly with any item in your wardrobe making it an instant classic. The knot design of this small but roomy 100% linen bag with ample bamboo handles makes this bag functional enough to use during the workweek, and cute enough to carry to the beach and the bar! You will never have to worry about such trivial things as accessorizing when you have the Coal Black Mini Bag in hand! Yet another reason to love this bag!

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