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Baccara Linen Jumpsuit in Blue Vichy

240.00 $ 120.00 $

Channel the joy of summer picnics in the park with our Baccara blue and white jumpsuit. With its wide flared legs and fun crossover back straps, this lightweight jumpsuit is an ultra versatile piece that is the perfect balance between casual and cool.


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Size XS
Product ID: SS2227JS
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A blue jumpsuit that brings the joy of bright days ahead to your wardrobe, Baccara is just the right mix of casual and cool. Made from lightweight, natural linen, it is ideal for keeping fresh throughout the season’s balmy days and nights.


Size chart

XS0-26344230⅔ - 32⅓78-8224⅖ - 2662-6634⅔ - 36⅕88-9229½75
S4-68364433⅘ - 35⅖86-9026¾ - 28⅓ 68-7237 - 38⅔94-9829⁹/₁₀76
M8-1010384635⅖ - 3790-9430 - 31½76-8038⅔ - 40⅕98-10229⁹/₁₀76
L1212404838⅔ - 40⅕98-10232⅓ - 33⅘82-8640⅕ - 41¾102-10630³/₁₀77
XL1414425041¾ - 43⅓106-11035⅖ - 3790-9441¾ - 44106-11230⁷/₁₀78

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