Resort Collection – Sleeper

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Resort Collection
About this collection

This season, Sleeper introducing a new basic line of linen pajamas, robes, and bags inspired by creators’ trip to Japan.

Resort collection consists of women’s and men’s lines. Both lines include pajamas with shorts and pants, as well as robes. The collection was inspired by the recent trip of the brand’s creators to Japan. Designers have combined a conceptual approach to things so distinctive of Japanese culture, namely, simplicity and the ability to keep the focus on the essence. Respect for the national fabric, which for Ukrainians is linen, has also been influential. Also, in the new summer season, the brand is presenting two linen bags made in the traditional Japanese technique Furoshiki. The first one is a transformer bag called “This is not a bag.” This spacious bag is ideal for going to the beach. When untied, the bag transforms into a spread for a beach or having a picnic on. The second one is a small linen “Bambola” bag with ample bamboo handles, ideal even for an evening look.