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Our Interview for Lovely Friends from

Slackers worldwide, rejoice: Lazy is the look and according to Sleeper, the creators of ‘walking sleepwear’, it’s fit for any occasion.

Founded by former fashion editors Asya Saretsa and Kate Zubarieva, the Ukrainian label create pyjamas and robes to be blended through the wardrobe, softening the edges of day and night wear. The golden rule is comfort, Kate explains, “Real comfort is about being yourself. I don’t believe that there is some universal formula of comfort, because it comes down to us and our feelings, and how our own identity comes out of this – that’s how personal style can be born.” They are words that ring true when you consider some of  Sleeper’s most idiosyncratic wearers: Leandra Medine, the late Franca Sozzani and Veronika Heilbrunner. With our common pursuit of a more comfortable everyday, together we created the Farniente womenswear collection, dreamy creations in linen that embody the sweetness of doing nothing at all. Here, Kate and Asya decode the look.



What’s the best part of combining lounge wear with your ‘usual’ daywear?

It makes your look as relaxed as possible. Our items are easily blended with your everyday wardrobe and more “going out” clothes. Our robes can easily take on the role of a summer coat, blouses can be combined with jeans. There can be a lot of variations… it depends on your fantasy.


You’re a young brand that’s covered a lot of ground. Which of Sleeper’s achievements to date are you most proud of?

Our biggest achievement is that we have instilled a culture of wearing pyjamas outside the home. We want to encourage being yourself and doing what you want, no matter the circumstances, loving yourself just the way you are. This is what drives us to take new steps personally and with the development of Sleeper.

Can you tell us about the production of your garments?

Of course! We have our own production department in Ukraine. So, we can practically check the quality of each weld, and in fact, that’s what we always do. Each product is made from A to Z by one professional with 30 years of experience. And, it takes about 8 hours to do so. We are super proud of our quality.



Can you tell us about the Farniente collaboration and what the inspiration behind the pieces was?

We really love Berlin for for its laconism. We wanted to create a collection about the summer in Berlin, about the way this incredible energy and lightness of the summer are mixed with simplicity and conciseness. We thought about Mitte in the summertime…

What are your tips for styling the pieces in the Farniente collection and where do you imagine the collection being worn?

It’s important for us to create things that can be easily incorporated into the wardrobe; Things that women with completely different senses of self can wear. I think that our dresses are perfect for a beach or lunch in a seaside town. I can easily imagine a girl riding her bicycle in the heat of summer, or how perfect it would be to go out for breakfast with friends in a camisole with shorts.


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