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Maria and Black Vichy Pajama

Morning Maria,

What time your alarm set on?
At 8 AM. But a magic snooze button makes the clock repeat itself at 8:09, 8:18, 8:27.

Your morning ritual?
I like things spontaneous and natural so the alarm going off regularly at  8 AM would be the most routine thing for the day.

Coffee or tea?

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Alarm melody?
Something called Radar

What do you usually have for breakfast?
Oatmeal with tomatoes, olive oil and black pepper — one of my few unconditional preferences. Any kind of eggs, some fruits or yogurt will do. Also, I’m a faithful croissants fan but they are rare guests at my table, just because I’m too lazy to make a run to the bakery.

What inspires you about your morning?
Definitely work. You know like the real appetite comes with eating, same thing here — more work I do, more inspiration I get. But as my work is connected to the studying and curating art, I have a more romantic answer: I am inspired by art…

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Do you have any dream you wanna talk about?
For many years in my dreams, there’s a whole alternative life of mine is developing. It has its own permanent characters, locations that look like well-known places from a real world but still not quite like them, storylines that repeat themselves. I observe this life like a fascinating TV series and sometimes some of the dreams feel like the continuation of the previous ones. The only problem is sometimes it gets hard to differentiate real life events from fictional things. Good thing I keep that stuff to myself so there are no bad consequences.

Is there a place you sleep better than ever?
An exceptionally good sleep is not caused by a place, the main reason is timing. You sleep the best after a hard week at work or after a party to celebrate that week is over.

How do you force yourself to sleep?
I take my dog Fran for a walk. This is one of my duties which truly brings me pleasure even if I have to force myself to go out in a freezing / rainy / hot / chilly night.

 masha PJ story_3