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Alexandra and Coal Black Pajama

Morning Alexandra,

What time your alarm set on?
I never wake up with the first alarm, so I set 4 of them. First one usually rings 1,5 hours before I have to wake up.

Is there a specific soundtrack for your AM?
My morning soundtrack is my good mood.

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Your morning ritual?

I start my day with a glass of water and some warm hugs.

Coffee or tea?
I’m a tea-lover

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What do you usually have for breakfast?
A fruit smoothie and some oatmeal.

What inspires you about your morning?
I get inspired by the world around me. By my beloved ones, sometimes even by the random people. By nature, art and music.

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Do you have any dream you wanna talk about?
My dreams are always quite intense and colourful, but I often forget them.

Is there a place you sleep better than ever?
It’s definitely the shoulder of my beloved, as proven by years and miles.

What do you do to fall asleep?
During the summer months, I try to spend a lot of time outdoors, and it’s always easier to sleep after a long walk.

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