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Elina and Basic Navy Pajama

Morning Elina,

what time is your alarm set for?
It’s different all the time. This year I rarely wake up early.


Alarm tune?

Is there any specific soundtrack for your AM hours?
There’s no specific one. But enjoy the noise of kids laughing at the kindergarten no that far.

Any morning rituals?
All the stuff boys and girls should do. Wash my face, brush my teeth, take a shower, get some moisturizing cream for my face, do some makeup. I don’t care much about the hair, just wash it and blow it. 


What do you usually have for breakfast?
Usually I can’t make time to have a breakfast. Or I just don’t really want to. But sometimes eggs and bacon wouldn’t hurt. 

Coffee or tea?
Can’t live without coffee. No coffee — no Elina.


What inspires you?
Sophisticated and charismatic people.

What’s your favorite sleeping spot ever?
It’s not about the place, it’s about the glass of wine.

How do you force yourself to sleep?
Reading and night walks. 


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