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Veronika and Paper White Basic Pajama

Hi Veronika,

What time is your alarm set for?
I like to get up early. My Jawbone wakes me up around 8­-9 AM.

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Is there any specific soundtrack for your AM hours?
When I’m not on the run ‘Gorillaz­ — On melancholy hill’ as morning calmness. For any other purposes ‘New Order —­ Bizarre Love Triangle’.

Any morning rituals?
I’m getting used to exercises. Drink water. And walk to the farmers market fruit shopping.

What do you usually have for breakfast?
Breakfast is an essential meal for the whole day. I’m into fruits and oatmeal with maple syrup. With an occasional change for a yogurt and some cottage cheese.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee. Large cup of coffee.

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Do you have any dream you wanna talk about?
I forgot them all.

What’s your favorite sleeping spot ever?
Home. I usually sleep well. My greatest achievement is that I fall asleep in planes as soon as they take off.

How do you force yourself to sleep?
Observing small details in my blowing globe, planning my future travels, browsing through my Pinterest feed. 

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